Willoughby Hills Safety Forces Respond to Two Significant Incidents in Chagrin River in 24 Hours

7WWAD3NT6JBCZBX4ZVUQJU67YQOn June 18, the Willoughby Hills Police Department responded to a Trailard Drive residence to find a 20 pound antique artillery shell.  A 12 year-old boy playing in the Chagrin River found the shell and carried it home before the police were called. Luckily he was not harmed and the Lake County Bomb Squad was able to disarm it without incident. The WHPD issued the following warning related to this incident:

If you come across something that you think may be an explosive device (a bomb, shell, or mortar for example):
*do not touch it.
*leave the item where it is – even if it looks old and rusty, it may still contain explosives and is therefore potentially dangerous.
*contact your local law enforcement and/or fire department for further assistance.

Then, on June 19, the Willoughby Hills Fire Department, with assistance from several departments from neighboring cities, rescued a man who fell 75-100 feet from a River Road cliff overlooking the Chagrin River.  Fortunately, the 27 year-old seemed to only suffer mild injuries. The WHFD issued the following warning related to the incident:

“While enjoying the many scenic views and landscapes our region provides, the public is urged to use great caution when hiking or exploring near cliffs or ravines and to avoid all restricted areas.”

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