Dumping on Chardon Road – Planning and Zoning Commission minutes lead to more questions than answers

6320EA46-C6C8-4F52-8DAD-F8DC1A744B67“We will import some fill to improve the driveway so we can have access to our two existing homes.”

This is what the owners of the Chardon Road land said they were going to do on their Chardon Road property at the June 21, 2018 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

There appears to be more than “some fill” and a little driveway improvement going on. Hundreds and hundreds of dump trucks for a driveway? A truck scale? Crews of workers and loads of equipment? And why didn’t the project start until November of 2019? And why are our city officials doing nothing and allowing the trucks to rip up the roads and cause traffic jams, not to mention dump like this on protected land in our city?

You can read the entire meeting minutes here.

If you have an opinion you would like to share or any other information about this project you can send  them to us here

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