School Levy on the ballot again for the March 17 primary

The WE School District is asking voters in Willoughby Hills to pay, on average, an additional $400 a year in property taxes by voting for an additional operating levy.  Average Willoughby Hills homeowners saw their property taxes go up over $300 a year after the districts bond levy narrowly passed in 2015.

The district’s two previous attempts to pass the new operating levy, a special election in August and then again during the general election last year, both failed. According to the district, the levy will cost residents an additional $171 a year for every $100,000 of market value of the home. With Willoughby Hills having some of the highest property values in the district, the cost for many homeowners in our city will be significantly higher than this amount.

After the levy failed last November, the board imposed harsh cuts to student activities and programs.  It also threatened bussing cuts that did not materialize, but the district promised these cuts will occur if the levy does not pass in March.5DEBA896-CA47-4605-BFA9-075607EB880C

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