Crazy Mayor Weger’s Mayor’s Court Story

IMG_3575What was Mayor Weger thinking sending us a crazy letter doubling down on his illegal attempt to undo every election result he didn’t like over the last few years. It’s bad enough he doesn’t respect us enough to let our votes count, but now he sure seems to think we’re complete idiots. Can this man ever take responsibility for anything? Could you imagine a CEO blaming the board of directors for every terrible thing he did? They’d fire him.

There are so many crazy things he says in this letter, but the Mayor’s Court thing is really ridiculous. The Mayor said it’s Council’s fault he closed Mayor’s Court? WHAT? Council has nothing to do with Mayor’s Court. It’s called MAYOR’S Court. The reason Mayor Weger closed Mayor’s Court is because he was mad Council wouldn’t appropriate $90,000 a year for his friend to work there. See a pattern? Mayor sues the City when he can’t have his pal as Law Director. Mayor refuses to represent the City when his secretary sues us taxpayers to get her $100,000 job back.

Council appropriated funds to staff Mayor’s Court at the same level it was when the City was making far more money from Mayor’s Court. Rather than work with that, Mayor Weger did his usual nonsense of making a mess and blaming Council. Then he says the Mayor’s Court being closed is losing the City $80,000 per month. How could that be when we made $60,000 a month last year from Mayor’s Court? Plus now that we’re using Willoughby Municipal Court we get a portion of fines and fees from them too. If Mayor’s Court is so great, why don’t all our neighboring cities have them? Something isn’t adding up.

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