Vote YES! on Issue 8

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Issue 8: Shall Article V of the Charter of Willoughby Hills be amended to clarify its meaning and require a fair and consistent appointment and confirmation process, with appointment by the Mayor and confirmation by Council, for the selection of City Board and Commission members consistent with the separation of powers under the Charter?

The purpose of Issue 8 is to create the same process for all appointments to Boards and Commissions and to better ensure these officers are qualified to serve the residents. Right now some commissioners and board members need council confirmation while others do not. This amendment simply requires that they all do.

Appointments to Boards and Commissions are important. These people are officers of our city and have made a commitment to serve our city by taking these positions. It’s important that any officer of our city is qualified and that we have many different people with different viewpoints and things to offer us serving the city. Having all the mayor’s inner circle represented has not been good for us.

Here’s a good example why this is needed. Look at the Planning and Zoning Commission. 6 members live in District I which is the east side of the city. Four of these people live in the Mayor’s neighborhood including the Mayor himself. Need another example? Look at the problems in the Recreation Commission.

The opposition to the Charter Amendments says this is a power grab by Council, this is what almost every other city in Ohio does! It is also how our federal government does it too.

If you want a Charter that works for Willoughby Hills, VOTE YES on Issue 8!

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