Vote YES! on Issue 7

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Issue 7: Shall Article II and Article IV of the Charter of Willoughby Hills be amended to clarify their meaning and require a fair and consistent appointment and confirmation process, with appointment by the Mayor and confirmation by Council, for the selection of all City department heads consistent with the separation of powers under the Charter?

The purpose of Issue 7 is to fix an error in drafting that occurred after Mayor Weger’s 2008 Charter Review Commission gave Council the confirmation power of department heads. Despite what some say, this does not change the balance of power at all.

The reason this change is being proposed is that the 2008 Charter Review Commission only added this power under the Mayor’s section of the Charter, but not under each department’s section.

For example, under the Mayor Section, the Charter said he nominates and Council confirms department heads, but under the Law Department Section it just said the Mayor appoints with no reference to confirmation. This created the ambiguity that Mayor Weger used to sue the City claiming only he had the power to appoint an acting law director.

Having Council confirm department heads is the arrangement in most cities in Ohio. It’s even how our federal government is set up. The president nominates and the Senate confirms appointments.

If you want a Charter that works for Willoughby Hills, VOTE YES on Issue 7!

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