Who Is Working for Us?

On Thursday, Council voted to give us residents an opportunity to make common sense changes to the City’s Charter. Changes like:

  • Requiring Council and the Mayor to work together in appointing Commission members and others to positions in our city.
  • Requiring the city’s annual budget to be available for review 60 days rather than 30 before it needs to be submitted to the state.
  • Prohibiting officials from hiring or appointing their family.
  • Holding all officers equally accountable for their actions and making sure they’re all treated equally and fairly.

You can read them for yourself: http://www.willoughbyhills-oh.gov/Ordinance.2018-41.pdf

How the Mayor and Councilman Hallum and their supporters spin this into Council wanting to remove the Mayor is beyond us. Talk about self-absorbed and paranoid! The whole point of these is to prevent the Mayor or others from suing the city. Maybe the Mayor wants to keep suing us? Maybe his lawyer wants more of our taxpayer dollars?

Speaking of self-absorbed, we were at the Council Meeting on Thursday when Council passed this ballot initiative, the one where Mr. Hallum claims he was censored. Are you kidding? The man got more air time than the other council people combined and he barely let anyone else speak, constantly interrupting them with his pathetic accusations. Then when he was removed for his disruptions, he was laughing and kept trying to talk over people all the way out the door. That is not someone We want representing us.

Hallum claimed Council was doing the Charter initiatives behind closed doors, but he said that at the second public meeting that week where Council was discussing them! That’s crazy!

And we have to say we agree with Councilwoman Pizmoht who said that all Mr. Hallum does is criticize his colleagues. In his 5 years on Council he’s only proposed 1, ONE, ordinance…which was a tax increase…that was rejected by his colleagues. That means he’s done NOTHING as a Councilperson in 5 years other than act as the Mayor’s attack dog. Think about it. Has Councilman Hallum ever said anything or done anything other than attack the other council people in his videos or on his crazy Next Door website? We need people working in our city who roll up their sleeves and work, like the rest of Council. Thankfully we have 6 others on Council people who work for us!

Speaking of Hallum’s crazy Next Door website, have you seen all the accusations that the Charter amendments are Council trying to remove the Mayor? Council can already remove the Mayor. They do not need these to do that. Talk about self-absorbed. Everything is about the Mayor or his secretary or Hallum. Always the victims. They never take responsibility for anything. Sure, local politics can get a little crazy, but this is ridiculous.

We also agree with Councilman Plecnik who said that voting no on putting these common sense charter changes on the ballot is voting against the people of Willoughby Hills. We know who is working for us and who is working for himself.


One thought on “Who Is Working for Us?

  1. I read this morning that W.H. Councilman David Fiebig presented an ordinance to use traffic cameras for profit in our City.

    I for one am NOT in favor of traffic cameras for profit (at this time) and request that all Council people do NOT vote in favor of this ordinance.

    Residents may want to contact their respective zone as well as at large council people expressing their opinions one way or another.


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