Council Leadership Brings Honor Back to Willoughby Hills

With all the negativity generated by a handful of people, we could be forgiven for thinking our City Hall is just one big circus, but the truth is most of our elected officials and employees are hardworking professionals who love our City and want nothing to do with the politics. As a resident, I want to express pride in the hard work of our Police, Firefighters, Service Workers, and Council Leadership. Did you know that last year, our Council President Nancy Fellows was named “Nurse of the Year” at her employer, Advanced Sterilization Products? This March, Nancy won the “Annual Woman of Achievement Award” from Lakeland Community College for her exemplary service to Willoughby Hills! Last year, our Council Vice President John Plecnik was named “Professor of the Year” at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University and won a grant from the Public Research Agency of Slovenia to present his research on tax law overseas! This June, the U.S. Supreme Court cited John’s scholarly article as authority. These are major honors, and they not only show how well-represented we are as residents, they bring great honor to Willoughby Hills!

For my part, I want to thank our Council Leadership for sharing their extraordinary talent with us, and the next time you see Nancy or John, remember to congratulate them for doing our home in Willoughby Hills proud!

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