Hiring More Police & Firefighters

From our friend Greg McCarthy, member of the Willoughby Hills Personnel Relations Committee

When our income taxes were hiked by about $1 million in 2010, we were promised that support for Safety Forces would increase by the same $1 million. Instead, our Police and Fire Departments were cut and administrators got raises. According to our Acting Fire Chief, staffing occasionally fell as low as three Firefighters per shift, which means we could only respond to one emergency call at a time. This was horribly unsafe. Today, for the first time in years, we budgeted for and are hiring more full and part-time Police and Firefighters. Council also passed an agreement to use the state of the art Lake County Dispatch Center under the leadership of our Sheriff Dan Dunlap. This move will dramatically improve emergency response times and save Willoughby Hills hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Personnel Relations is a difficult committee to volunteer for because every decision we make impacts people. In the past year, we had to choose between your safety by hiring more Police and Firefighters or retaining a number of very highly paid administrative assistants. With the leadership of our Chairwoman, Councilwoman Laura Pizmoht, we unanimously chose to put your safety first! firefighter2

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